Mission Statement

Next Play Soccer is a non-profit community based soccer organization. Our mission is to provide Aurora's youth of all backgrounds an environment that builds confidence, develops character, and expands their soccer and life skills. We achieve this by providing competitive soccer in a fun and supportive learning environment. 



  • Being transparent, responsible and trustworthy on and off the field


  • Recognizing and respecting everyone’s value
  • Providing an accessible and welcoming environment

Continuous Improvement

  • Striving for excellence in our student athletes to drive development through learning that applies on and off the field
  • Maximizing opportunities to fulfil a player's full potential


  • Creating a culture where student athletes prosper and form lifelong relationships
  • Providing a safe and enjoyable positive coaching environment supporting our student athlete's aspirations and goals

Loyal and Responsible member of Aurora's community 

  • NP Soccer will always endeavor to maintain positive relationships with The Community of Aurora, Ohio and all Soccer Organizations that we interact with


We strive to help players develop skills on the soccer field that translate into skills off the field through positive coaching. We intend to be the feeder program to Aurora High School and intend to work alongside the High School Coaching Staff to ensure that our players are prepared to positively contribute to those teams.


Next Play Soccer is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the state of Ohio.