Our Coaches

Our coaches go above & beyond to get additional US Soccer coaching certifications. Our coaches are provided with tools and strategies to create a fun & competitive environment for their players. Our coaches study how grassroots players learn and develop to their full potential through a player-centered coaching approach and how to foster a supportive and safe playing environment.

Aaron Bestic - 9v9 and 11v11 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Bob Riffert - 11v11 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Brandon Zangaro - 11v11 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Brian Karrigan - 7v7 and 9v9 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Carli Calapa - 9v9 and 11v11 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Cody Calapa - 11v11 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Dave Tannert - 7v7 and 9v9 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Kyle Mitchell - 11v11 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Shawn Surdy - 9v9 and 11v11 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Jon Koslo

Justin Withrow - 7v7 US Soccer Certified | Positive Coaching Alliance Trained

Domenica McClintock - Aurora High School Women's Varsity Coach / NP Soccer Director of Coaching 

Domenica McClintock has over 20 years of soccer experience, which was acquired having played and coached at various levels. Growing up in the Northeast Ohio area, she played Varsity, Club and Collegiate level soccer. She also has coached in the area for over 12 years.  Bringing her extensive experience to NP Wild, she has successfully contributed to several local and area high school programs and clubs. 

 Domenica’s vision for NP Wild is not only to teach the players the fundamentals along with advanced technical and tactical soccer skills, but to also help them grow as individuals. Her focus is on helping NP Wild players understand the game of soccer while also inspiring and supporting their own individual growth and development of character, integrity, teamwork, excellence, commitment and respect. Domenica’s goal is to instill these core values so they may grow as individuals with deep respect for family, friends, teammates, opponents and all the game has to offer. 

 Carli Calapa

 About Me:

I grew up in NE Ohio where I played basketball from K through 12th grade and Lacrosse from 10-12th grade. I grew up watching all 3 of my brothers play baseball and basketball. I married my husband, Cody, in 2013 and moved to Aurora in 2014. We have 3 beautiful children, Laney (8) Anthony (6), and Sonny (4). All 3 kiddos love soccer. In our spare time, we love to be with family, play outside, and share life with our friends in the community.


I found Lacrosse as a Sophomore and grew to love the sport, so much that I coached after HS graduation at my alma mater for 3 years. I then got my Masters after college were I was a Graduate Assistant Lacrosse coach for a brand new D3 Lacrosse program. I have coached lacrosse on a part-time basis over the last 10 years while I focused on growing my family. Since having kids, I have volunteered every season for the last 5 years for Parks and Rec to learn the game of soccer and share it with my kids.
Why I coach:
Sports helped me become who I am today, it taught me resilience, determination, and dedication. I believe that sports serve a greater purpose for overall development for youth that can correlate in the classroom and in the real world. I love sharing the time coaching with my kids, it is a huge bonus!
Why NP: Next Play was born from like minded parents/coaches who wanted to give their daughters (and sons) a positive environment and an opportunity to further develop their soccer skill. I partnered with the rest of the team because of the philosophy, the common goals, and overall character of each individual. I want my kids and all the youth in Aurora to learn more about how to live the "Next Play" mentality both on and off the field!
Brian Karrigan

 About Me:

I grew up in Carol Stream, IL, one of many suburbs outside of Chicago. I left home for college and came to Ohio to attend THE Ohio State University, eschewing some smaller school sports offers for the draw of a big university and getting to move out-of-state. Met my now-wife, Leanne towards the end of school and we proceeded to move around the country after graduation in search of better employment and an affordable place to put down roots. We spent 2 years outside of Washington, D.C., 3 years back near where I grew up in IL, before finally coming back to Northeast Ohio, settling in Aurora in 2013. We have two daughters, Lily who plays on the 9U Purple team, and Ivy who prefers dance to soccer 

My personal sports experience lies outside of soccer. I played recreational baseball for many years growing up, before transitioning to wrestling and football in jr. high and high school when the skill level of the leagues outpaced my own. I enjoyed the individual competition of wrestling, but fell in love with football and its teamwork and strategy. My introduction to soccer has been gradual, starting with watching the World Cup in college and playing a lot of FIFA. Having a child get interested in the sport however has really kickstarted my own passion, and getting to learn the game alongside her has been a lot of fun.
Why I coach:
I had several coaches growing up that marked milestones for me in both game and attitude development. I still remember them fondly and I will go out of my way when I’m back home to say hello or check-in if possible. As a parent I would prefer to channel my passion for my own children into helping them and their friends get that same experience of growth, teamwork and potential role-models that I had growing up. To that end I want to better learn the game and how to develop youth players into promising young adults, and I feel I can better do that by getting involved and helping than by standing on the sidelines.
Why we started NP:
Wanting to allow our girls to continue to have the opportunity to play through the winter if they wanted, we started organizing an indoor team and quickly realized there was a much greater interest and need in the community. Providing an organization that will allow for interested children to continue to play and develop in addition to Aurora’s recreational leagues quickly became a goal we felt was worth working towards. And advancing the idea of “Next Play” to both assist in development on and off the field as our youth grows is a philosophy I’m happy to stand behind and dedicate my time to, alongside our other founders, coaches and parents that are interested in helping as well.
Shawn Surdy
HPE Educator - 24 years
Varsity Football Asst. Coach/Coordinator - 21 years
Athletic Director - 15 years
Personal QB Trainer - 5 years
Varsity Head Track and Field Coach - 3 years
APR Girls Soccer Coach - 3 APR seasons
Aurora NP Wild U12 Coach - Current Winter 2 session
Why I Teach/Coach:
Growing up I participated in every sport our small community of Chesterland had to offer. I was blessed with coaches who were good teachers/coaches, who cared deeply, and were great leaders.
Sport along with my upbringing taught me so many characteristics that helped me have success throughout my adult life. Some of those learned characteristics that have served me well as an adult are responsibility, discipline, hard work, working through adversity and loss, being humble, commitment, leadership skills, etc...
I enjoy giving back to our youth as an educator and coach, I've been told I have a unique style/approach that not only helps our youth improve, but also enjoy the experience which usually leaves them wanting to participate in more of that activity.
Why Aurora NP Soccer:
Our daughter Ari first tried soccer with APR Spring of 2021 less than 2 years ago. After her second APR season she showed an interest in wanting to play more soccer. I had discussions with soccer families and coaches in both Aurora and Solon, which led us to Winter/Summer training sessions with G2G and Chagrin Travel in the Spring of 2022.  After first hearing about Aurora NP Wild, I reached out to Dave to learn about their mission and vision. The vision is pure, a positive community based non-profit program that wants to bridge the APR soccer programs with the Aurora Schools soccer programs providing a positive learning experience and increased numbers participating in the sport of soccer within our community. The supportive coaching and player experience mission which focuses on the positive experience and improving skills through the NP (Next Play) philosophy is just what our community has needed to match the other successful youth programs that we currently have in our wonderful community of Aurora! I am happy to help grow and support this new program!
Bob Riffert
About Me:
I grew up in a sports driven household in the Philadelphia, PA area and played “almost” every sport to continue to get well rounded and that usually meant 2 sports per season (Swim, Wrestling, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball,& Rugby). After college, I had the opportunity to move all around the US (Cherry Hill (NJ), Baltimore, Connecticut, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, and now the past 5 years in Ohio)…..what I have found that has always allowed me to settle in to a community is through sports programs.
My wife, Stacie also grew up in a sports driven household in the New England Area (Boston/Connecticut) and was active in Soccer, Swim, Dance, Gymnastics, & Track/Cross Country. As we moved to Aurora 5 years ago, our daughters, Dylan (6) and Morgan (8) quickly adapted into the community through the Aurora Rec Programs and have really flourished in developing friendships and love for sports/activities.
I grew up playing competitive soccer in the Philadelphia, PA area. I continued through the multiple moves to actively play in adult leagues around the US. I continue to play twice a league at NC Hudson in different soccer leagues. I have also coached basketball and soccer in Aurora Rec Leagues, since we moved here 5 years ago.
Why I coach:
First, it’s an amazing way to stay connected with my own children….to have a love of something together is truly special. I love to see the relationships that both kids have developed over the years, as they have formed some solid friendships that cross over into school, community and other sports programs.
Overall, I love seeing the kids’ progression of development in skills, strategy, confidence, and leadership skills that soccer brings. It’s also really important to teach the kids the benefits and importance of teamwork. Seeing the development over a short season is truly amazing to reflect upon and knowing that I’m able to help with that development is extremely fulfilling.
Why did we Join NP:
We wanted to continue Morgan’s love for Soccer and founded NP with Dave, Carli & Brian, as we saw an opportunity to continue the kids development that was missing in the Late Fall/Winter. We also believe in the mission of “Next Play” and that NP is here for ALL athletes to continue their development, friendship and love for the game. It’s all about Fun & Learning!
Dave Tannert
About me:
I grew up in Randolph, OH and graduated from Waterloo High School. Coming from a small town, sports were a big part of my life growing up. I was always outside playing the sport of the season year round with the neighbor kids, and participated in most sports our school offered.  I graduated from Kent State University in 2002, immediately after Lily and I moved to Indianapolis, spent 6 years in Chicago, 8 years in Huntington Beach, CA, and 4 years in the DFW area. In 2020 I was given the opportunity to move back to Ohio and we decided to move back near family. I stay busy snowboarding and mountain biking in addition to coaching and family life. My wife Lily and I have been married for 17 years. Our daughter Phoebe (8) plays for our 9U team and was born in California, Zoey (5) was born in Texas, and we have a Golden Retriever named Kirra. In the professional world, I'm Director Of Projects for a German Manufacturer of Industrial Laundry Equipment.
Growing up in a small town, Soccer was not really an option available to me as a kid. I played a season of outdoor soccer that was pulled together by a local Mother, but that team ultimately fell apart. I have experience coaching Softball and Volleyball and have assisted Coach Riffert in Soccer for the past 3 years. I have US Soccer coaching certifications and continue to educate myself on the sport and coaching methodologies.
Why I coach:
My Father assisted in baseball when I was young, and it always meant a lot to me that he was actively involved in what I was doing. I want to be there for my daughter, I feel that the bond through sports is very important and one that I hope she carries on to her family. What I didn't expect from coaching is the bond that is developed with the team. Positively impacting a child's life through coaching and sports is incredibly rewarding. If I can successfully impact just one child's life in a positive way in my coaching career I have succeeded. My goal as a coach is to teach the fundamentals, the game, and develop a love for the sport. While wins are fun, that is not the focus. I want to see every player have so much fun that they are excited to attend practice, they look forward to game day, and ultimately want to come back for the next session.
Why did we Start NP:
Fall of 2022 Coach Riffert and I debated trying to pull together an indoor team for most of our Aurora Parks and Rec Team. With Bob's wife Stacie recruiting and getting others to spread the word we went from 4-5 families interested to having overwhelming interest. We formed two 9U teams in a matter of two days which was just mind blowing. It was so rewarding to see 26 girls get an opportunity that they would not have had otherwise. It was clear to that there was a hole in Aurora's soccer options for APR players wanting more experience. Our intention was to get as many student athletes as we could onto the soccer field for our community. I look forward to watching our young athletes develop their skills to be the best of the best for our High School program. Our mission is all about the Next Play, whether it's a play on the field or the Next Play in developing an athlete. I'm super proud of what our organization has accomplished in its short existence, the team of professionals behind this program is exceptional. A very special thanks to our like minded coaches for volunteering to expand this program and the NP Philosophy