Expectations And Silent Sunday

We expect the Coaches will:

  • Create a safe environment for your child to play
  • Provide schedules for practices, games, and tournaments in a timely manner
  • Bring passion for the game and keeping the environment one of fun and learning
  • Create a positive atmosphere to encourage love for the game
  • Teach the players the skills needed to compete with hustle and heart

We expect that the players will:

  • Always try their best
  • Respect the coaches, officials, teammates, opponents, and spectators
  • Expect to be treated fairly and with respect
  • Have fun

We expect that the parents/guardians will:

  • Not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct with any coach, official, or spectator
  • Encourage children to have fun and treat coaches, teammates, and opponents with respect
  • Learn the rules and regulations of the game
  • Emphasize the importance of practice time for your child
  • Refrain from coaching your child during practice or games
  • Praise your child for hustle, heart, and playing until the end
  • Enjoy the process of watching your child learn and grow

Coach, Parent, & Athlete “Code of Conduct” Contract

 I, as a coach, parent, player, or spectator pledge to conduct myself in a manner that complies with the Next Play Soccer "Code of Conduct" at all times. Accordingly, I pledge to: 

  1. Demonstrate respect to other players, coaches, parents, officials and spectators
  2. Demonstrate and encourage good sportsmanship and the concepts of fair play
  3. Focus on fun and participation; accept the outcome of the game 
  4. Know and abide by the Rules of the game, the established guidelines, and all eligibility requirements
  5. Understand that the safety and welfare of all concerned is the top priority
  6. Support the drug, alcohol, and tobacco free environment that is important for all youth sporting events
  7. To conduct myself in a sportsmanlike manner, both as players and as spectators. Unsportsmanlike behavior directed toward other players, teams, officials, coaches and fans will not be tolerated. This includes obscene gestures, cheating, disrespect to officials or other behavior deemed inappropriate for the event 

Further, I pledge NOT to: 

  1. Ever use profanity or obscene gestures at a youth event
  2. Criticize coaches, players or game officials
  3. Touch or make a gesture to an opposing player, coach, or game official in a threatening manner
  4. Humiliate team members; home or visiting teams, parents, fans, coaches, or officials
  5. Participate in a fight during a game or practice; If so you will not be allowed to play or be at any practices or games for the remainder of the season 
  6. If an athlete receives 2 game disqualifications during the season for unsportsmanlike behavior they will be required to forfeit any participation in that sport for the remainder of the season

This contract and pledge must be signed by any player, coach, and parent who wishes to participate in any Next Play Soccer Youth event. 

Silent Sunday:

Silent Sunday is an annual event for all Ohio Travel Soccer League (OHTSL) teams. The date for Silent Sunday is determined by OHSTL and is posted on their website calendar as well as communicated by NP Soccer. This day has become a traditional day for players to work on their team communication skills within their team without the issues of having to scream over parents or coaches.

On this day, all parents are required to remain quiet to players and referees with the exception on cheering on good plays. Coaches at all ages/birth years (except the youngest age groups U8/9) are only allowed to yell out to referees when making a substitution as well as positional instructions during those changes.